This programme highlights the necessity for parents to understand and manage their own anxiety and explains why reassurance and avoidance give short-term relief but can feed into the anxiety and actually make things worse. The focus throughout is on how adults can support children to ‘take their power back’ from whatever is triggering them to feel anxious.

Dr. Claire Hayes has a particular interest in helping people understand and cope with anxiety and/or depression. 

Dr. Claire Hayes provides a unique opportunity to CEO’s, HR Personnel and Senior Managers working in the Corporate sector.

Dr. Claire Hayes’ lecture videos primary focus is to empower participants to affect change in themselves and others. 

The latest book by Dr. Claire Hayes

Choose Well: The ABC Coping Sentence

Choose Well: The ABC Coping Sequence presents a simple and effective tool for people to use to improve the quality of their relationships with themselves and with other people. It focuses on the third step of ‘The Coping Triangle’ process, developed by Dr Hayes to present the key principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in a preventative, coping way.


Dr. Claire Hayes has a keen interest in applying cognitive behavioural principles to her work with individuals and organisations. She continues to build on her combined thirty years’ training and experience as clinical psychologist, educational psychologist, an executive coach, lecturer, author, researcher and teacher to help individuals, groups and large organisations to understand the particular nature of their stresses and to apply evidence based psychological principles to help them cope with these.