Dr. Claire Hayes provides a unique opportunity to CEO’s, HR Personnel and Senior Managers working in the Corporate sector to understand and use evidence-based, cognitive behavioural principles to increase productivity and become more influential in ways that deliver bottom-line value. Claire’s primary focus is to empower participants to affect change in themselves and others. 

Dr. Claire Hayes’s Key Services are:

  1. Individual Training Sessions with Senior Management in Understanding and Responding Proactively to Challenges
  2. Group Training for Senior Management in Supporting their Employees to Develop Skills of Resilience, Persistence and Effectiveness.
  3. Consultant in Stress Management and Conflict Resolution

1. Individual Training Sessions for Senior Management in Understanding and Responding Proactively to Challenges:


People who work at senior management level have developed a range of interpersonal skills. They are motivated, work hard and are committed to giving 100% of themselves in all situations. As they progress in their careers, they encounter new challenges such as motivating others who may be less enthusiastic about their work; managing people who are not performing to the level expected of them and somehow balancing additional demands of work to allow space for a life outside of work.

Working with Claire provides them with space, expertise and professional support to:

  1. Step back from their various pressures
  2.  Examine the impact these are having on themselves, their work and their life as a whole
  3. Implement proactive ways of dealing with them effectively.

2. Group Training for Senior Management in Supporting their Employees to Develop Skills of Resilience, Persistence and Effectiveness to Cope with Stress:


We know that everyone’s life is being increasingly pressured. Some employees are well resourced to balance their work and family demands. Others find that despite their very best efforts, they are unable to work as productively as they had been. This can exacerbate underlying pressures and can lead to them developing ineffective ways of coping. Dr. Claire Hayes is ideally placed to design and deliver group training for senior managers to help them:

  1. Understand how stress can become overwhelming and debilitating.
  2. Proactively help employees to develop clear, practical and effective ways of coping with stress.
  3. Develop their own skills in understanding the difference between ‘stress’, ‘depression’ and ‘anxiety’ and knowing how best to support employees who may be struggling to cope.

Claire has developed a very clear, practical and effective training for Senior Managers to understand exactly what it means to promote well-being and good mental health in themselves and in their employees. Her delivery of this training varies according to the specific needs of the organisation she is working with and can range from one-day small group training to longer-term group training supported by individual sessions.


3. Consultant in Stress Management and Conflict Resolution 


Everyone experiences stress in the workplace. It can help us to perform to our highest standards. Too much stress, over too long a period, can impact on our physical and/or mental health. Conflict in the workplace can be similar. Some conflict is understandable and if managed well can enhance working relationships and increase productivity. A conflict that is poorly managed can increase with devastating results on morale, interpersonal relationships, productivity and even reputation.

Organisations need to be able to respond proactively to help people manage stress and conflict effectively. While these two issues can be separate they can also be very much linked.

Claire first became interested in helping people cope with stress in 1988 when she carried out research in the Irish Management Institute as part of her studies in psychology. Since then she has developed a particular expertise in helping Senior Managers:

  1. Explore the specific meaning stress and/or conflict has for them and for others
  2. Take practical steps to effectively improve even the most challenging situations which have been created by stress and/or conflict
  3. Use the stress and/or conflict as very real, effective learning opportunities that improve their abilities to be effective managers.