‘Understanding and Managing Your Child’s Anxiety’ has evolved from Dr. Claire Hayes’s combined thirty-eight years of training and experience as a clinical psychologist, lecturer, author and teacher as well as by her training with Professor Philip Kendall, Temple University.

This two and a half hour programme brings Parents, Teachers and Concerned Adults through the process Dr. Hayes uses in her clinical work. It involves them understanding the rationale for key questions, such as pregnancy, birth and development in a child’s first year. It explains key cognitive behavioural principles and in particular focuses on the nature of anxiety and how it can be managed.

The programme highlights the necessity for parents to understand and manage their own anxiety and explains why reassurance and avoidance give short-term relief but can feed into the anxiety and actually make things worse. The focus throughout is on how adults can support children to ‘take their power back’ from whatever is triggering them to feel anxious.

Understanding and Managing Your Child’s Anxiety’ is particularly beneficial to teachers in helping them understand their students’ anxiety and in equipping them to effectively manage it.

The programme is available for parents, teachers and concerned adults to obtain a thirty-day licence for €150.