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About the book:

Choose Well: The ABC Coping Sentence offers a simple and effective tool for improving the quality of our relationships, both with ourselves and with other people. It focuses on the third step of ‘The Coping Triangle’, a unique process developed by Dr Claire Hayes, using the key principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Written in a warm, inviting and accessible style, Choose Well: The ABC Coping Sentence provides practical advice and guidance on applying these coping techniques and skills to everyday situations. Life can be filled with challenges but Dr Hayes demonstrates how we can choose to respond to particular situations and proactively manage our reactions, while being kind to ourselves and others. Ideal for anyone wishing to develop or improve their coping skills, this book gives readers a new way to challenge their beliefs, acknowledge their feelings and choose how to respond to them.

About the author:

Dr Claire Hayes is a consultant clinical psychologist and bestselling author of Finding Hope in the Age of Anxiety (2017), How to Cope: The Welcoming Approach to Life’s Challenges (2015) and Stress Relief for Teachers (2006)

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