Claire is a wonderful practitioner who has a breadth of knowledge and understanding which she generously shares with everyone she works with. Ibec invited Claire to give a keynote talk at a mental health and wellbeing event for employers and subsequently she has addressed smaller Ibec forums – her support has been invaluable. Each time her expertise has been welcomed and her perspective has helped shape appropriate and effective responses.
Dr. Kara McGann
Senior Labour Market Policy Executive, Ibec
Dr. Claire Hayes was a key speaker for Aware at eir's International men's day event in 2015. Her insights were extremely valuable to participants and her talk contributed greatly to the day's success.  I would recommend Clare without hesitation to any organisation.
Alice M. Tolan
Account Director, Eir Business
I would like to thank you for our meetings. I found them very helpful.
Aged 36
Dear Dr. Claire, Thank you very much for a very interesting work-shop last Saturday. I really enjoyed the format and the interactive nature of the sessions and also your light touch but expert resourcing. I’m already using the 3 step c.b.t. technique and am hopeful that it will make a difference personally and professionally.
GP participant
Every day I think about it, my answer would be slightly different. When I went to see you, I was lost. To put it simply you gave me direction, you gave me a sense of purpose, and a sense of hope. Only recently I feel I have started to take control of my own life again and I feel that I am worth something. It has been a very difficult journey, but today I feel that I have got stronger.
Aged 35
I had suffered from anxiety and panic periodically since my early twenties. I was at a particularly low ebb when my doctor gave me Claire’s number. Without exaggeration, she changed my life. I found the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy particularly effective and also the Coping Triangle. Claire gave me the tools to manage my anxiety and panic. I also found Claire’s gentle, calm, non-judgemental manner helped me accept that I wasn’t alone.
Aged 52
“A wise person once said to me ‘it’s not the stress, it’s the way you deal with it’. Claire has helped me to develop coping skills to deal with stress and restore balance to my life. Thank you Claire. “
Aged 51
Dear Claire, Thank you so much for your help with my son Mark. Mark was living a life consumed with anxiety which was effecting him everyday, I was trying to no avail to reassure him and was at my witts end. You were recommended to me and little did I know on my first visit with you the impact you would have on our lives. In all we only had three visits (one on my own, one with Mark and one with Mark on his own) Claire you saw the problem straight away and dealt with it head on and to say our lives improved immediately is an understatement . Mark has never looked back and is a much happier child. You thought him that it is ok to worry but not all the time and that when he is scared that he can decide what to do fight or fly. Mark has regained his confidence and it was with great pride I watched my son walk out to his first day in secondary school a little nervous but ready to face his new adventure. Claire all I can say is thank you for rescuing us and as I say to my friends everybody should have a Claire Hayes in their life. Regards ‘Una’
Mother of ‘Mark’ aged 13
“I had experienced a few counsellors before meeting Claire and she was the help I really needed to gain a real insight into how to cope with my own inner conflicts and life in general. I learned techniques which helped me to see things from a different perspective and to change the negative thoughts I was so used to believing. While the approach was primarily based on CBT, it’s Claire’s own display of warmth that really made a difference for me. Claire has made a significant positive impact on my life and I would highly recommend her without any hesitation.”
Aged 28
We first met Claire in 2009, when our youngest daughter had just commenced in second-level school.Our daughter commenced first term apparently happy if a little anxious. She had always been a conscientious student and she mixed well, if maybe a little quiet. Within a month we were catapulted into a“school refusal” situation and, no matter how hard we tried, we could not seem to either understand the root of the problem or to get around it. Claire was recommended to us through an educational source and when we first met we were floundering and did not know exactly how Claire’s approach and CBT would work. We attended Claire some six times over a six-month period. However, from the beginning, we seemed to make immediate progress, with the instances of school-refusal falling away. Today that stressful time seems like another place. Our daughter sat her Junior Cert this summer and dealt very well with the stresses and anxiety of the exam time. She is more confident and seems to have developed the skills and mechanisms to deal with the anxieties and stresses which were such an insurmountable obstacle before and that erupted so unexpectedly in her transition into second-level school. We have no doubt that Claire played a pivotal role in this. Her calm, engaging approach with our daughter and her ability to communicate with our daughter as a young adult rather than a child had a great and lasting impact. Claire also helped us as parents to understand how to deal with and cope with this situation. Asking our daughter about Claire’s work with her, she uses adjectives – “direct, respectful, understanding, showing me other ways of looking at things”. We are extremely grateful.
Aged 42