New book by Dr. Claire Hayes offers hope to people who struggle with anxiety


In this new book based on over 30 years of experience helping people of all ages understand and cope with anxiety, Dr Claire Hayes describes how we can take our power back when it becomes all consuming and even paralysing. Anxiety in moderation is a normal part of life. We can experience anxiety at any age and stage of life through childhood, adolescence and adulthood. It is a normal reaction to real and/or perceived stress. However, sometimes anxiety can escalate and overwhelm causing a range of complications including illness, avoidance and increased anxiety. It is important that we can recognise what is actually ‘normal’ anxiety and learn to manage it when it is not.

It is understandable in the world we live in that we can sometimes lose sight of hope. How can we have hope when we are faced with overwhelming doom and gloom on the news all day, every day? How can we have hope when we are becoming more connected to our screens and less connected to the people around us? How can we have hope if we experience anxiety to the extent that we have a diagnosis of an anxiety disorder?

By using the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dr Hayes helps us to recognise, understand and take control of the unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and actions that cause anxiety. She describes coping techniques such as being gentle with ourselves, facing our fears, practising relaxation techniques, eating well, exercising well and sleeping well. But ultimately, she encourages us to face whatever makes us feel anxious so as to overcome anxiety.

This treatment for anxiety is paradoxical in that it can actually make us feel worse initially rather than better as we face our fears and stressors. But through years of experience, and illustrated with case studies from her own clients throughout the book, Dr Hayes gives you the understanding and hope you need to take your power back from anxiety by facing it with understanding, courage and compassion.

Finding Hope in the Age of Anxiety is published by Gill Books priced at €14.99.