Workshop for Guidance Counsellors: Supporting Adolescents to Understand and Manage Anxiety

Workshop for Guidance Counsellors:

Supporting Adolescents to Understand and Manage Anxiety

A Practical Workshop for Guidance Counsellors

26th February 2020

Dunboyne Castle

9.00am to 1.00pm



Guidance counsellors know that reassuring adolescents works for little more than a few minutes. In the course of their work, they meet young people who are anxious about their appearance, their schoolwork, their exams, their sexuality and/or their relationships with family and friends. They also work with young people who are anxious about others and who struggle to know how best to support them. Logically, their anxiety may not make sense and they and their parents may worry that there is something seriously wrong with them.

This workshop is designed specifically for guidance counsellors and systematically equips them to support adolescents to understand and manage their anxiety. Feedback from previous attendees has been extremely positive and has led to follow-up ‘wholeschool’ training, working with guidance counsellors to help students, parents and staff manage anxiety differently.


Workshop Objectives:

That guidance counsellors will:
1. Explore their own anxieties in relation to their work.
2. Deepen their understanding and knowledge of the nature of anxiety and how it relates to adolescents and their parents.
3. Consider adolescent developmental theories in a way that is relevant in the 21st Century.
4. Become expert at supporting adolescents to distinguish between anxious feelings, thoughts, beliefs and actions using the three-step ‘Coping Triangle’ process (Ó Hayes).
5. Develop concrete strategies to support themselves and manage their students’ anxieties using a range of cognitive behavioural principles, relaxation and imagery exercises.

Throughout this workshop, Dr. Hayes will draw on her experience of working with guidance counsellors since 1986 as well as her training and experience as a clinical psychologist, teacher, lecturer, researcher and author to ensure that the workshop is practical and beneficial.



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