Training Programmes

Training Programmes

"You are More than You Think, Feel and Do"

Dr. Claire Hayes provides a range of training courses for adults, children and professionals.  Training can be run for individuals, small groups or corporate groups. The courses are practical and interactive ensuring a positive experience for the user. Programmes can also be customised depending on requirements. Please contact us to discuss your programme need.

Our range of training programmes include the following:

Course 1: Allow Stress Work for You

Aim: to help participants:

(1)   Identify the stressors they experience

(2)   Understand the nature of stress and the role it plays in their lives

(3)   Use cognitive behavioural principles to help them transform


Venue: Bracetown Business Park

Time: 9.30am-1pm


This course provides participants with time and space to explore things in their lives (or their past) which are causing them stress and distress. It focuses on the nature of stress and explores how our bodies normal physiological responses to stress can cause us severe difficulties. Participants will leave with a very clear, structured approach to make their stress work for them.


Course 2: You are More than A Parent

Aim: to help participants:

(1)  Remember who they were before they became a parent

(2)  Consider the impact being a parent has had on their lives

(3)  Commit to developing themselves as ‘more than’ a parent.


Venue: Bracetown Business Park

Time: 9.30am-1pm


Becoming a parent is a life-changing experience. Some people manage to successfully integrate the role of ‘parent’ into the many other roles they have in life adding to the richness they experience. Others make being a parent their sole identity which can cause complications for themselves, as well as for their children. This course provides and opportunity for participants to gently discover who they are, separate from their role as parent; to understand the benefits parenthood has brought to their lives and to determine how they can manage to successfully be more than parents.


Course 3: Advanced Training for HR Professionals and Senior Managers

Aim: Developing & Strengthening Coping Skills

Do you notice that your days are getting busier?

(1)  Have you increasing demands with decreasing time to respond to them?

(2)  Is your focus so much on supporting others that you forget about supporting yourself?

(3)  Would you like to develop new coping skills and strengthen the ones that you already have?

If you have answered yes to each of those questions, then Dr. Hayes’s advanced training ‘Developing and Strengthening Coping Skills' may be perfect for you.


Venue: Bracetown Business Park

Time: 9.30am-1pm


This training provides you with an opportunity to:

1. Reflect on the challenges you currently experience and how you currently cope.

2. Apply ‘The Coping Triangle (© Hayes)’ to help you understand and cope in a way that enhances your life at home as well as at work.

3. Enjoy discovering how a range of relaxation exercises that Claire has developed and/or adapted can empower you to cope more effectively with whatever challenges you face now and in the future.