It has taken Covid-19 for me to update my website greeting. I do so to provide some support, encouragement and hope to those of you who may be struggling right now. The world has become a very scary place. It is easy for any of us to feel anxious, isolated and even powerless. I offer the following three suggestions and hope that they are helpful.

  1. Remember that it makes sense to feel anxious right now.

It is as if we are all actors in a world-wide disaster movie, except that this is real. Covid-19 is spreading rapidly across the world and while the statistics are that 80% of people who get it will recover very quickly, we all know someone who we fear may die if infected.  How could we not feel anxious?

  1. Recognise that thoughts can be ‘helpful’ or ‘unhelpful’.

Any of the scary ‘what if’ thoughts are likely to be unhelpful as they can quickly spiral us into feeling upset and powerless. Thoughts such as ‘what do I choose right now to make the best of this?’ can be very helpful if they lead to helpful action.

  1. Rely on your instincts, not your feelings.
  • If your instinct is that it is in your best interest and/or in the best interests of others right now to self-isolate for a while, then trust that and do it! Self-isolate even though you may feel lonely, frightened or bored.
  • If your instinct is to keep busy and distract yourself and others (e.g. through tidying presses, playing board games and/or cooking), then trust that and do it!
  • If your instinct is to live a balanced life as best you can in terms of work, rest and play then yes, trust that and do that too!

Right now I am following the advice given by the Government and the HSE and so am not working with clients face to face. Instead I am working using Skype or Facetime. Fortunately I am practiced with this as many of my clients are international. This suits some people of all ages very well although others prefer to wait until I am back in my office.

Please keep as well as you can, follow the guidelines we have been given, particularly those in relation to social distancing and hand-washing.

Le gach dea-ghuí (with every good wish), Claire.

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You OK? Podcast: Managing re-entry anxiety

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In this video I made for the Royal College of Physicians […]

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Claire is a wonderful practitioner who has a breadth of knowledge and understanding which she generously shares with everyone she works with. Ibec invited Claire to give a keynote talk at a mental health and wellbeing event for employers and subsequently she has addressed smaller Ibec forums – her support has been invaluable. Each time her expertise has been welcomed and her perspective has helped shape appropriate and effective responses.

Dr. Kara McGann Senior Labour Market Policy Executive, Ibec
Dr. Claire Hayes was a key speaker for Aware at eir’s International men’s day event in 2015. Her insights were extremely valuable to participants and her talk contributed greatly to the day’s success.  I would recommend Clare without hesitation to any organisation.

Alice M. Tolan Account Director, Eir Business